The Bunk Bed Project

A few months ago Maja visited an orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico;  Casa Hogar Sion.



Their mission benefits over 100 children; from infants to 18 year olds.  The children crave love and affection.  But on a basic needs level, what she saw was a little disheartening:  the girls had some very nice bunk beds



but the boys…. many of them were sleeping on mattresses on the floor…..




Thus, The Bunk Bed Project was born.  These kids lives are already hard enough, we gotta build  some bunk beds for these guys!


The project itself seems simple enough, but in reality it’s a logistical nightmare! It’s not like go over to Home Depot, buy the necessary materials and then just drive down across the border. NO! Bringing building materials over the international border of The United States and Mexico requires permits from the Mexican government.  So arrangements are now being made to purchase the wood, nuts, bolts and screws in Mexico.  Of course were seeking donations of the materials in Mexico. We have friends EVERYWHERE!  Oh, and the tools? Yup, can’t just bring those over either. Starting to get the picture now?



We’ll be there cutting, nailing and sanding.  It’ll be a great present!

So, please give us a hand, donate a few bucks and become an Our World Friend!