President’s Letter

A message from Our World Friend founder and Executive Director, John Pergolizzi


Motivation is a funny thing. During my 18 year financial career on Wall Street, my emotions reached no greater heights then those I felt at my charity auctions to benefit children. I wondered how I could expand that feeling. One day I had a bit of a brainstorm: to apply the system of mutual funds towards charitable giving…….. A mutual fund of charities!


This is the idea of Our World Friend!


Research on the statistics about the World’s children dismayed me. According to UNICEF’s 2005 “State of the World’s Children” report:


• Every second child in the world lives in poverty, and 22,000 children die each day as a result;
• 10.6 million died worldwide in 2003 before reaching the age of 5;
• One in three in the developing world lives without adequate shelter;
• One in five in the developing world has no access to safe water;
• One in seven in the developing world has no access to health services;
• As of 2005, about 72 million children of primary school age in the developing world were not in school– 57 percent of them were girls.


These were difficult numbers for me to absorb. I know you’ve got to feel the same way.


However, there are many people out there who care very deeply. People like you. And that’s the good news for the kids. I discovered that there are many great smaller organizations already on the ground working to improve these children’s lives, and change those statistics. Great charities you and I had never heard of before are already in place! I needed to support their work, but figuring out exactly where to donate was my big question. Which ones? And it’s probably been a difficult job for you also; to research and choose those charities where your gift and involvement would have the greatest positive impact. It should it be easy!


That’s why I founded Our World Friend; I wanted to be part of a solution to make it easy to help. The goal of Our World Friend is accomplished by partnering with small non-profits that are committed to helping children and their families. Our World Friend assesses the work already being done by individuals and organizations anywhere from Alabama to Zimbabwe and awards grants to multiple charities during the year. The board of directors reviews their work, financials, benefits, and the individuals implementing their programs and makes an award decision based on a very strict criteria developed by our business and non-profit professionals.  In this way, you are assured of the power of your gift.


Our aim is to invest your dollars in a responsible manner that rates us among the top-tier of non-volunteer charities.  In this spirit, I have informed the board of directors that I will forgo any compensation awarded to me as we build the organization, raise funds to support these important projects, and grow the dream into a reality!


My fondest hope is that you too will find motivation, perhaps in that great addictive feeling that comes from knowing you’re part of making a child’s life better. I know you will join with me making a difference in the lives of our children. And together, we change the world!


Thank you so very much for considering becoming an “Our World Friend”,


John T.Pergolizzi