Contributions to Help Foster the Essence of Our World Friend
There are many ways you can help support Our World Friend and children in need everywhere. With your financial contribution, you will help to advance our mission, and you will become an important part of a growing community helping to foster the essence of Our World Friend!
“I What is the purpose of your trip sir?”  “To inspire people around the World!”  ~Nik Wollenda to customs agents upon entering the United States from Canada through the mist and winds across Niagara Falls via a tightrope


OWF is a new non-profit and is in the process of building an organization that will have a tremendously positive effect on the world. Our aim is to invest your dollars in a responsible fashion that rates us among the top-tier of non-volunteer charities. Our Executive Director has been awarded a salary by the Board of Directors, however he has elected to forgo all compensation for calendar year 2013. In addition, Our World Friend will fund program work wherever possible, thereby bypassing administrative expenses that can limit the effectiveness of our grants. As we grow, we will work hard to maintain transparency and in doing so have registered our non-profit with Guidestar, the leading source of nonprofit information. We recognize that we are accountable to you, our donors and friends, and assure you that we take our role of investor with great pride, honor and thanks.

Learn more about all our giving opportunities including the Our World Friend Endowment.
With your donation, you will help sustain Our World Friend, a unique worldwide asset. Our World Friend services a worldwide community of children in need, regardless of political and religious situation. Ours is an open heart, a venue through with to improve and enhance the lives of children in need. Ours is the opportunity to advance and engage the worldwide community on a grand scale!


Ways To Give

  • Donate an amount to the Our World Friend general fund to support our mission and programs
  • Become a Friends Circle donor of Our World Friend with a donation of $1,000 or more, and get exclusive recognition and benefits
  • Contribute to our endowment fund to help sustain our mission by enhancing our permanent funding source
  • Join the Our World Friend Vantaggio program and get the exclusive Vantaggio card for $50 and receive discounts and promotions through many San Diego Italian-community merchants!
  • Put your time and talents to good use by volunteering with us and become an official Our World Friend Emissary!
Our World Friend has established its endowment, which serves as a fundamental component of the Our World Friend vision and mission, with the following objectives:

  • Help to establish and sustain Our World Friend and its programming to benefit the entire worldwide community of children in need
  • Serve as the singular worldwide fund with the purpose of helping and enhancing beneficial children’s resources through the Our World Friend mission and vision
  • Strive toward future funding support of other children in need organizations as we grow the endowment, thus sharing resources and working together more efficiently to benefit our worldwide community

More Ways to Give


Corporate Partnerships

Our cause-marketing campaign is an excellent way to support our organization.


Planned Giving

We have many ways you can leave a legacy for our community.


Our World Friend Emissary Volunteer Program

Want to get involved with our programs and initiatives? Become an official Our World Friend Emissary and help our world community.


In-Kind Gifts

We can accept many types of in-kind donations.


Matching Gifts

Contact us to learn more about matching gifts through your employer.

Our World Friend is an IRS-designated 501 (c) 3 charitable organization and contributions are tax deductible to the fullest extend of the law.